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Safety at the sharp end…

Advances in safety measures are now commonplace. Maybe it is time to focus on the positive stories where safety of the individual is maintained despite the risk involved…

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Simple checks can avoid big problems

Reading through a summary of recent court cases highlighted the size of fines applied to successful health and safety prosecutions. When reading through the descriptions of the cases it is also clear that simple actions may have prevented the incidents happening in the first place…

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Fire Precautions

What makes people ignore the dangers of fire?

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What Does Safety Look Like?

More about snow and a question...

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Rumours? I'd Rather Understand...

Some thoughts on Fee For Intervention and the nature of rumours...

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Snow and visibility

Snow and the English reaction to it. Contains sweeping generalisations...

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Samantha Joins

Samantha joins Explorator Consulting

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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2013

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A guest post

A guest post written for www.charonqc.co.uk

The Industrial Revolution Continues

A look at the costs of industry getting health and safety standards badly wrong.

Why risk assessment is a necessary skill

Risk assessment can really help in avoiding unpleasant events. Sometimes people get it wrong.

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“At last a Health and Safety policy which is relevant, readable, and tailored to my companies needs. After many years, four different companies and so called “consultants” Andy is a breath of fresh air, he doesn’t drown us in unnecessary generic paperwork, he uses his years of experience in all different fields to assess our needs he provides workable and above all understandable policies and documentation specific to our business. Many thanks.”

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